Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling the spirit of Raphael

Sure, maybe it was the fact that Thanksgiving was just 48 hours away, or that the Christmas Season was underway, but when we spent several hours at the Alabama State Archives in Montgomery on November 25, actually seeing some of the documents associated with The Alabama and The Sumter and Admiral Semmes...well let's just say it was an amazing feeling to actually touch The CSS Alabama logbook (cotton gloves notwithstanding) that was on board till Saturday, June 17, 1864; to see the actual sketch Semmes made, perhaps the very first documentation showing how to sail a ship through a hurricane...and to hold one of the bonds Semmes demanded in return for releasing a prize. We had both been so immersed in our research and reading that finally actually seeing and touching the artifacts was truly awe inspiring. Our archives journey was for planning purposes, in advance of the day we go to shoot video.

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