Sunday, January 11, 2009

CSS Alabama documentary on hold

We (Tim Lennox and Bob Corley, neither of whom is pictured at left) have had our respective positions at Alabama Public TV eliminated, placing "The CSS Alabama Project" on hold, if not dead in the water (forgive the nautical pun).

It's impossible at this point to say what will happen with the interviews already conducted, or with the project as a whole. The full story of the ship and her captain (who IS pictured at left) has yet to be told in the TV medium.

The handful of films produced - all of them well done - have focused either on the wreck discovery and recovery of artifacts, or presented a general historical overview, due to time and budget constraints omitting much of the detail that makes the story of Raphael Semmes and The CSS Alabama so fascinating.

Semmes and the Alabama present in microcosm the drama and tragedy that ripped the U.S. apart in 1861, and that has reverberated through our history for generations. We hope the opportunity to tell this story remains alive and under consideration with Alabama Public TV. As soon as we find out the fate of the project we'll post it on this blog.

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"Sail On Alabama"