Friday, February 6, 2009

Fate of the CSS Alabama Project (kinda...)

Left - Tim Lennox (with sword) and Bob Corley (with beard) contemplate their fate and that of the CSS Alabama Project. :- )

The official word from APT management is that the CSS Alabama story “… is a wonderful project and… we need to keep looking for funding.”

With both of us looking for full time employment any hope of continuing active participation in the project is a dead issue. That’s sad for more than just our personal situations.

The fervor and intensity with which someone approaches a project is directly related to their personal interest in it. Unfortunately we don’t see anyone in public television in Alabama with the kind of passion and drive for this project that will be needed to see it through to completion. We hope we're wrong, and while this blog may be only sporadically updated we will continue our quest to get this story told in one form or another, through one medium or another, by any means that presents itself.

We have made some wonderful acquaintances and we hope some long-term friends. The participation of all the interview subjects gave us added incentive to develop a very workable, achievable budget for both domestic and international travel. The budget was well below what a documentary of this magnitude and scope should cost, due to some fine-tooth-combing of how we could get this done, in high quality (HD to be sure), within a reasonable time frame (12 months if done full-time), at an astronomically low cost.

But that’s water under the keel. Where do we go from here?

We hope to stay in touch with all of you, maybe even make a few new acquaintances and friends, and continue moving toward the goal of getting this fascinating, complicated, intriguing story, accurately and faithfully told.

Tim Lennox

Bob Corley

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